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How to find the hiring manager

Hiring Manager - finding the needle in the haystack

Connecting with the hiring manager increases a job seeker’s chances of getting to the next step (Interview) and visibility, but it’s hard to connect when you don’t have any known connections and don't know his or her name. So what does one do? Try employing one of the strategies below:

Pick up the phone- More and more people it seems shy away from using the phone. It's easier to send a text or an email, besides if I get rejected I would rather read it than hear it. It's understandable, however did you know that people are more likely to engage with you when they have a voice at the other end and more likely to respond. So as a first course of action - I say phone is best. You can always call after hours if you prefer to leave a message. If you don't know the name, try using the company directory. If you call during the daytime and get the receptionist, let them know that you recently applied or heard about an opening, your genuine interest, and that you would greatly appreciate if they could transfer you to the right person. Truly I do think that most people want to help others, so asking for some assistance is ok. If you do end up leaving a message, offer a very short introduction, why your calling, and you would be appreciate five minutes of their time. Let them know that if you haven't heard back in a couple of days, you will follow-up via email.

Try LinkedIn: Use LinkedIn to find the Hiring Manager or department head or HR contact. Navigate to the Advanced People Search page on LinkedIn. You'll see a Search bar at the top, next to that is the Advanced key. Click on Advanced and it will take you to the Advanced People Search function of LinkedIn. On the left side of the Advanced Search page on LinkedIn you'll see search options including First Name, Last Name, Keyword, and so on. Given you know the company name, you can type that into your search, and then start trying job titles. What will the contact's title most likely be? If you're a an Engineer, your hiring manager will be called Engineering Manager, or maybe even Operations Manager. Try all variations of titles in subsequent searches, and then try the same titles with Director in the place of Manager, and go up the line to VP if you'd like.

If the hiring manager is not a LinkedIn user, no worries, here are some other tips:

Check out the company's website and go to the About Us section, looking for Bios. If the organization is large enough that your hiring manager isn't listed on the Management page, his or her manager might be. You can also try looking at the Careers section, if there is one, often times HR contact info will appear on that page and you can try starting there.

You can also try searching using Google. Google using the company name and each of the titles you imagine that your desired contacts might have.

In the end, just remember that you need to advocate for yourself. Your goal is to connect, network, and share information to uncover both hidden job opportunities and the right connections to get a foot in the door.

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