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Tips When Looking For Your Next Job

Mark Tuesday on your calendar! According to data from recruiters and hiring managers, Tuesdays are the most popular day for posting, applying, and being hired for jobs. Over half of those who apply, apply within the first week of the posting....early bird and so it goes.

Healthcare and Technology are hot! Both industries show uptrends in hiring and salaries across the board. Top 10 according to U.S. News and World report stats are: software developer, dentist, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, orthodontist, statistician, pediatrician, obstetrician and gynecologist, oral surgeon and physician.

Looking to Make More Loot: A recent LinkedIn salary report shows the highest paying region was the San Francisco Bay Area at a median total compensation of $112,400, followed by Seattle at $95,600, Washington, D.C., at $87,300, New York City at $86,600, Boston at $86,000, Houston at $82,000, Los Angeles at $82,100, Austin, Texas, at $80,600, Denver at $80,300 and Chicago at $79,000.

Timing Is Everything: Your five times more likely to land an interview if you submit your application before 10AM, early bird applies here too.

Trending Jobs in 2018: According to LinkedIn ,the first on the top 10 list is engagement lead, followed by software engineering manager, customer success manager, solutions architect, sales director, engineering manager, program manager, data scientist and enterprise account manager.

Resume + Cover Letter Still Reigns Supreme : For anyone who was left wondering if cover letters are relevant anymore, they are. A well written cover letter combined with a professionally written resume is a powerful tool. Be sure to capture related keywords to the role you are applying for and quantify any accomplishment you can within your resume. Employers want to see results. Keep your resume to no more than two pages, and your cover letter should be a single page highlighting how your experience and skills are a one to one match for the role requirements.

Lastly, network, network, network and follow-up. The more you network and expand your reach the greater your chances for finding a new job and finding one quickly. Follow-up when you need to, be your own advocate, drive the next contact dates. Being a little bit of a nudge and not a nuisance goes a long way in a world of hectic schedules and wearers of multiple hats.

If you are looking for help with your resume, LinkedIn profile, or career coaching, feel free to send a note to, or check out the site at

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