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Networking- How important is networking when job searching?

Straight answer - Very Important. Here's why, approximately 80% of all job seekers are landing their next opportunity through Networking. So if you are looking for a new opportunity and your not applying some network strategy during your search, then your likely to be behind the curve.

How do I network?

Many people can find the idea of networking and reaching out to others as a daunting task. My suggestion is to think about it this way, most people genuinely want to help other people. Your not asking for a job, rather your exchanging information and sharing your goals with others. It's a two way street. You have something to learn from the people you are networking with and they can learn more about you, your background, and the value you will bring to your next role. Your getting your name and brand out there to help uncover those hidden job opportunities.

Where can I expand my network?

Leverage LinkedIn to research companies your targeting and connect with others. LinkedIn groups is another great way to connect and share information.

Professional Networking Events

Industry Events

Trade shows

Think outside the box- try a book club or local library event. If you have kids, attending a school event can be a great networking opportunity. If your into fitness, network through your gym or join a walking or running club.

Google Networking for job seekers for many more ideas.

If you would like additional guidance around networking and/or review of your LinkedIn profile, please check out our product page or email

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