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Give the gift of Career Coaching....

Seems like whether it's family or friend, we all know someone that is either feeling stuck at work, unhappy, or ready for a career change. What may seem easy enough to just look for a new job, is far from it. Often times these same people will continue on day in and day out without taking some positive action to move on from an unhappy or unsatisfying environment. Engaging with a Career Coach can be helpful, getting some perspective and insight from a Professional Coach can provide just the right amount of guidance and motivation one may need to move out of their current situation or refresh an ongoing job search. The gift of working with a career coach transcends past just the typical gift giving into something that can be life changing.

Some of the benefits of working with a Career Coach:

  • Developing an actionable opportunity search strategy

  • Be empowered to make a change

  • Energize or Reenergize your Job Search

  • Professional Insights & Motivation

  • Guidance on what works and what doesn't

  • Developing a playbook can help you take steps in the right direction

  • Keep you accountable to help you continue your activity

  • Pointers to tools and resources available based on what you are looking for

JLM Consulting offers Career Coaching packages and services for Resume/LinkedIn review. You can check out our offerings here or email for more information and pricing. We helped several hundred candidates this past year journey towards and/or land a new opportunity. We would welcome the opportunity to help you, your family member, friend, or coworker towards a more positive 2018!

For a weekly up to date listing of job opportunities nationwide, please click here.

Happy Holidays!

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