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Keeping Your Confidence Up During Your Job Search

It’s easier said than done when you have spent hours upon hours, equivalent of a full-time job, researching companies, applying to jobs, and interviewing, all adding up to no offers on the table....yet.

Note the “yet”, although it might be tough to hear, on average it takes six months of aggressive searching and networking before most will land their next opportunity. So how do you get up everyday and tackle what can be a very daunting process?

First and foremost remember above all that YOU are valuable. Your unique blend of personal experience, work history, skills, and qualifications, are yours and yours alone. The key here is to find the ideal match on BOTH sides. The place where the right employer benefits from this unique value you bring and you benefit from what the employer provides to you based on your values, needs, and wants.

If you feel like your losing confidence, remind yourself of this value. Here are some additional tips:

Bear in mind it’s a process, like any other. Think of it as a project with milestones and plan your activity around those goals.

Network, Network, Network - find other professionals who are also looking for jobs. Not only is this good for building up your connections, it gives you an outlet for talking about your search experience with others that are likely experiencing many of the same things.

Take time to yourself. Just like work, it’s critical to seek balance and take care of yourself. Step away and take some time, even if just an hour or two everyday where you do something other than job search activities. Consider taking the weekends off.

Think about picking up a hobby or volunteering - both are not only self rewarding, they provide great opportunities for making new connections.

Practice conveying your personal brand with family and friends. Your response to the question “Tell me about you”. Practicing will build your confidence and comfort with articulating your brand.

Refresh your strategy. It’s important to have a strategy, otherwise you could be spinning your wheels. Come up with a plan of what you will do day to day and week to week in search of your next opportunity. Set realistic goals for yourself, i.e. Two new networking contacts per week. Develop a list of five target companies, etc..

Personally I am a firm believer in creative visualization. Give it a try. Think about and write down what your ideal work situation is, what does it look like, feel like, where will it be, what will you be doing. Grab a piece of poster board and write, color, add pictures, anything you like that describes it. Hang it somewhere where you can see it daily. If that’s too much, just write it down in a journal or on a piece of notebook paper.

If your feeling stuck and less confident, whether your currently working and in search of a new opportunity, or out of work, just remember that you can and will do this. A new and better opportunity awaits - your worth it!

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