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Unemployed & Feeling Stuck, Employed & Feeling Stuck, how does one figure out career change.

There is nothing worse than feeling stuck, stuck in a job that you hate or stuck in a process of applying for jobs that your not all that happy about. Often times when people feel stuck, they also suffer from a cycle of "I hate where I am, but I don't know how to get out".  The good news is like any problem, there are solutions. These aren't easy solutions and will require some action, research, and strategic planning on your part. However the end result of finding something that your either very passionate about, or at least happy on most days performing it, will truly make all the difference in one's working life.  In addition this positivity ends up carrying over into other parts of your life too once the stressor has been removed. So how does one go about career change?

Soul Search - Take stock, review your likes, dislikes, career history and experience. Notice trends. Talk to friends and family.

Research- Once you have a vision/idea of what type of role your looking for, it’s time to dig in. Look at job descriptions for that role, speak with others within the same profession or industry. How do your skills match up? Do a gap analysis to see if you are missing anything required and if so decide how you will gain that skill or experience.

Get Your Tools In Order- Now that you have researched and identified both the role you are going to pursue and your transferable skills, it’s time to update your resume and LinkedIn profile. 

Network, Network, Network- Seek out and connect with others in the industry you want to get into. Attend an event or trade show. Check out LinkedIn groups. Get back in touch with your College/UniversityCareer and Alumni services. Ask questions- seek out information.

It’s hard not to feel stuck, especially when embarking on change. However with some solid planning and strategy you can take steps each day to get to where you want to be. We would love to help, please feel free to email for more information and a menu of services.

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